The Sovick Family in Vanuatu

We are a family from the Seattle USA area who is living a year in Vanuatu in the South Pacific.

8 November 2018 Busses and Life in General

Well I've only written two of these, and I'm already running out of ideas for intros. So I should probably get this started so I don't use any more of my jokes up. Once we landed in Vanuatu we went through security, again, and once we got our bags we got a bus. And without exaggeration, only like two percent of the population has a car because there are so many busses, and they're not even busses like we think of busses in the USA. They're just cans with wheels but they work just like taxis, kind of. The problem is that the bus drivers have a need, a need for speed. I swear if there is an open road the driver punches it and the bus just goes into hyperspace. Then the driver will see somebody who wants a ride, and just slam on the breaks, which makes your stomach practically jump out of you. I've written at least half of all this on a bus, and that was the first time auto correct actually came in handy. I mean i would be better off letting the computer turn the word “water” into rubber duck than hitting a bump and just typing plsfhnd. Then there is one last thing about busses that separates them from taxis, other people’s stops. Even if you were the second person on that bus, you'll somehow manage to drive around and see the whole island in just one bus ride. If they had busses like this in America i swear they would drive from Florida to Alaska just for one person and the entire time you'd just be quietly twiddling your thumbs, for about three days.

From now on I've decided to create a segment I’d like to call weird bus stories. One time we were riding a bus back to the hotel we were staying at, and i looked out my window. First I saw the water, then a buoy about one hundred yards from the shore, and then i saw a statue on it. Well at least i thought it was a statue because about two seconds later the supposed statue starting flossing. I don't mean like the kind of flossing you do after brushing your teeth, I mean the dance. The same dance that your parents try to do but for some reason just can't. Yeah that happened on a bus. Well that concludes this segment of weird bus stories.

Anyway, a few days passed and we were still really tired from the jet lag waking us up at four in the morning, but somehow I managed to swim every single day. I even swam the first night we got there. The pool was the only place in the entire resort that had wifi, and because the rooms aren't like hotel rooms. They’re like little buildings or apartments spread around the area and all of them including the one we were staying in, had only two bedrooms one bathroom and a kitchen. There isn’t exactly that much space. We hadn’t been to Vanuatu for four years and a lot of people wanted to see us. One of those people was our friend who lived in Victoria, Canada but now is working here. He took us to the movie theater, not to see a movie though, just to see the movie theater because we had never seen it before. We went inside and it's not like a big theater where there is multiple screens going on at once, instead there is only one screen. But the cool part was is that there is two classes of seats, normal and gold class; normal is just a plain seat on the bottom but gold class is up high in the balcony and the seats are recliners, like full on leather recliners with food/drink trays. There is even a waiting room where you can get wine and Doritos. The movie theater has bathrooms in the theater, like where you watch the movie. That kind of blew my mind, because the movie theater there was nicer than the movie theater back home. After seeing all that, he took us to a French restaurant that looked like if you took the restaurant from ratatouille out of Paris, at first they gave us bread and menus, the bread there was to die for. It was the best bread I had ever tasted, especially because it was just baked and still hot. I got fish and everybody else got pizza, I think; but before the food came out we got escargot. Which is basically just cooked snail and it does taste like chicken. After eating the food I got dessert which was a milkshake sort of thing with whipped cream on top, oh and plastic bags and straws are banned on the entire island so I got a colorful blue and white paper straw. The next morning we jumped into the tiny pool that the resort had, we were swimming around when we saw a little crab in the bottom of the pool. Since he was underwater he was much faster than us; it took a while to catch him but we eventually got him by trapping him with two goggles. We stayed at the resort for another five days and after that we moved to a house on this big plateau. It was two stories and had a great view of the island. However it was really ugly and we had already found a house we were going to stay at. After only a week in the ugly house we moved to this blue house on the other side of the island. The house is fine but the problem is that the only way to get to the house is down a very badly paved road down a hill.