The Sovick Family in Vanuatu

We are a family from the Seattle USA area who is living a year in Vanuatu in the South Pacific.

29 September 2018 Airports and Flying

When I woke up my parents were hurrying around the house getting everything together so we could leave for the Minneapolis airport. We planned to leave at ten, but like any functionally dysfunctional family we left five hours late, by the time we got to the hotel it was five o’clock pm. We were going to meet our family at a restaurant called Fuddruckers. I had a cheeseburger and that tasted really good, but the best part about the restaurant is the fact that it had a soda machine that dispenses almost any kind of pop/soda that you could dream of. After sleeping under a desk that night, we took all our bags out of the hotel we stayed in and we put them on the shuttle to the airport. Once we got through baggage checking and all that, we saw this dog named Eddie who was supposed to comfort people before they got on the planes. He was really nice and we got to pet him. After security, we waited for two hours until we finally set off for Los Angeles.

The flight was kind of boring because half of the time I had to write this. The other portion of the time was spent watching netflix downloads. When we got to L.A, we were not looking forward to all the security and all the lines we had to go through. I even waited in line for half an hour for a hamburger. After we got off the plane we went to check our bags in, but turns out we were early. So we waited in line at the check in for Fiji Airways for one hour with nothing to eat but a yogurt parfait I got when we first arrived there. While we were in the line, my mom found some people who were also from Vanuatu and started talking. Like any mother, she completely abandoned her family and talked until we dragged her away. After that we made it to the security, somehow we got really lucky just as we got there because we were about to go into a really long line when they opened a new one and ushered us in. After going through the grueling experience that is security, we made it to international departures. No kidding, the place was a mall! It had a lego store, it had a food court, and even a Gucci store. We found the playground and after getting some food, we played on the playground until it was time to board the flight. Before we got on the plane though, we ran into the same people who were from Vanuatu. Turns out one of the people was the deputy Prime Minister of Vanuatu, which is the equivalent of the vice president. So naturally my little sister walks up to him and says: "Why are you missing a tooth?"

It took a while to get on the flight, but when we did I was awestruck. There was four bathrooms just in our row, the movie selection wasn’t trash, and they gave us blankets. I started watching a movie before the plane even moved, and I was so rudely interrupted with a message from the captain saying that we were starting our takeoff. The dinner on the flight was okay, it was like a chicken and rice thing, but there was one really weird thing. Now this flight is from Fiji and they had Tillamook cheese, which is the best cheese ever, but also not that easy to find outside of the United States. After dinner, I fell asleep then woke up about seven hours later with only three hours in the flight left. So I used this time to finish the movie from earlier and watch Isle of Dogs. After a breakfast that tasted more like classic airplane food, disgusting, we landed in Fiji. And so started the seven hours of waiting with only sandwiches to eat. After doing nothing but wait in line and sit around for hours, we waited in another line. Then boarded the plane to Vanuatu, it was fine but what happened next was amazing.

We got on the plane and I was sitting next to my sister but there was an empty row in front of us. It was torture watching if somebody would sit in front of us. But as you can probably tell from earlier nobody did, and I swear it was like a Christmas miracle. After watching more Netflix downloads and eating a bacon cornbread muffin, I saw that the people in first class got orange juice in a champagne glass and gravy and meatballs. About twenty minutes later, we landed in coconut land.