The Sovick Family in Vanuatu

We are a family from the Seattle USA area who is living a year in Vanuatu in the South Pacific.

21 September 2018 The Wedding

So three days before the wedding, me my sister and my grandma all packed all of our stuff in her Jeep and drove to lake Vermilion, which was an easy breezy drive from my Grandparent’s house. When we got there my aunt, her fiancé, and my uncle were already there, so we took all of our stuff into the cabin and started setting up for the wedding. The next day before anyone got up, I went down to the docks and started fishing for perch. The perch in this lake aren’t big. In fact they’re only a few inches long and the reason I was trying to catch them is because they are really fun to catch.

Later that day I, with my sister, went swimming. We didn’t just go swimming in the lake no, the lake had a giant floating trampoline on it (which wasn’t very bouncy), and attached to the trampoline was a slide, a hot dog looking floaty. and this floating carpet. Honestly I have no idea what the floating carpet was called but, all I know was that it was the best thing ever. Now the slide was cool too, you would climb up these stairs then when you get to the top of the slide, and the waves would push it around and if you weren’t careful you would do what I did. First you would slip and land sideways on it, roll, get a huge wedgie, then belly flop into the water, and get a nose full of water. Then you would try and swim to the carpet thingy, and then try and swim back and get swept away by waves; then when you finally make it back on the carpet thing, a wave sweeps you off of it, and now you’re back in the water.

Now the hot dog looking thing was a lot more work than the slide or the carpet thing the hot dog thing spun when you sat on it we would have competitions to see who could last the longest on it without falling off of it. The longest one of us ever made was a few feet. Then when you fell off it was torture, the waves would just toss you around and then you would make it back to the trampoline and be completely out of breath.

After swimming my parents, brother, and little sister came to the lake and that just meant more moving boxes so I just took a nap. We didn’t do much that night so I went to bed and went to sleep. The next morning was the day of the wedding, so I thought that everybody needed to calm their butts down. But the wedding turned out great and my little sister was the flower girl, but she ruined her dress during the party by eating chocolate cupcakes, and I don’t know how but she had Cheetos and got that on her dress too. Everyone stayed up late and, not saying anything, but some of the adults had a little trouble opening doors. Me on the other hand ended up watching TV and going to bed. The next day was Sunday and it was also our last day at lake Vermilion so we went swimming again, and this time a duck was on the carpet thing so we had to chase him off of it. We also had pizza for lunch which was great but twelve people eating four pizzas happens pretty fast. Everything after that was pretty boring, and was all just packing up stuff left over from the wedding. But I dreaded tomorrow even more because that was the day we packed up and drove off to Minneapolis to go through a series of connecting flights including Las Angeles, Fiji, and then Vanuatu.