The Sovick Family in Vanuatu

We are a family from the Seattle USA area who is living a year in Vanuatu in the South Pacific.

2020 by Josh Sovick

Over the past year most everyone has been stuck inside and the indents on couches worldwide have sunk deeper, at the same time that nothing went on, a lot actually happened. Whilst sitting on our couches, we witnessed crazy news stories from around the world as well as attending some of the most boring school related zoom meetings, undoubtedly with cameras off.

Though quarantine was and is quite boring, that isn’t to say that it doesn't have its perks. During the time I could have spent learning a new skill, like most other people attempted to do, instead I chose to complete my goal of watching every Adam Sandler movie Netflix has to offer. So that just goes to show that besides not being able to go anywhere or see anyone quarantine isn’t really all that bad.

The day-to-day mundane unwillingness to contribute to my share of chores around the house has become somewhat of a drill sergeant march for my mom who would not let us kids get away with not doing our share. I, on the other hand, have had my share of leaving the dishes undone until late at night when everyone is sound asleep hoping somehow the dirty dishes would just disappear into thin air. If there was a magic wand for chores, you bet I would be willing to pay big bucks just to have one stuck away in my pocket. It is worth pointing out here that I am not the only one that tries to get away from chores. But since I have been tasked with our family yearly newsletter, I better be nice and keep ‘those people’ solely on the naughty list for Santa.

While there are some good parts of quarantining, it hasn’t been perfectly magic. Lots of people crammed into one area for too long can become a challenge, siblings will get sick of each other and kids get on their parents' nerves. There are certainly some stories from this year that won't be forgotten like when my mom keeps thinking everyday is Wednesday, my naive faith of believing in my older brother‘s ability to finally move out and live in a shack just so I can move into the downstairs dungeon where he has been couch surfing for the last nine months. I knew that was a big if! Nevertheless, it was worth dreaming.

With Christmas coming up I realised that I “celebrated” almost every major holiday this year in quarantine. On the Fourth of July, I didn’t get to see any fireworks, on Halloween nobody went trick or treating, and on Thanksgiving, not much really changed from the usual besides having to share turkey with less people, which depending on the perspective could be seen as better or worse. While I hope that all the events of 2020 will magically be reversed in 2021, they most likely won't and probably will carry into the next year. But until then, I hope to enjoy Christmas and the accompanying break and hope you do too.

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, 2021!

The SOVICKS - Josh, James, Jada, Jaana, Mom & Dad.